This Is Byker

‘This Is Byker’ is an expression of love for the Byker Wall as it stands, respect for the ideals of Erskine and Newcastle City Council in building the Estate and hope for the future of the estate and the people who make it the incredible place that it is.  This Is Byker is a celebration of this Grade ii* Listed Estate - 2019 sees 50 years since Erskine’s team broke ground in Byker, we are going to celebrate!

Join us for an extended celebration of the Byker Wall -

Our celebrations include:

  • showing films by Sirkka- Liisa Konttinen

  • working with local residents creating images, tee-shirts and selling these products into gift shops

  • developing guided tours of this iconic estate

  • developing an extended exhibition of images by Sirkka and local people that represent what Byker is and was

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11.21.56.png

Future plans; we aim to design, produce and sell This Is Byker products from our cafe gift shop, in local outlets and retailers big and small. Every part of the process involves the community, learning and skills building and creating employment opportunities in Byker and Newcastle.

How can you help?


Tell other people about our campaign. Go to the #ThisIsByker tag on twitter and share our story. If you know of retailers large of small send them our way. It is the connections that can make the difference.


If you would like to stock The Is Byker we would be delighted to work with you. We will sell our products at a fair price to retail to ensure that everyone can afford to have some of the This Is Byker campaign in their lives.


Our campaign aims to build skills in our community, you can support this project by sharing your skills and know how with the people working on our campaign. Go to our online shop or drop in to our centre to place an order.