The Story Hub - built in partnership - powered by creativity!

The Story Hub - built in partnership - powered by creativity!


It all started when…

In September Leeds Building Society kindly awarded the Byker Community Association £500 to buy some books and build some shelves to house them.

Our Process

Our team at Byker have years of experience working with this community and we are aware of the barriers that exist within Byker. We know that children in Byker leave school with a lower reading age than most children in the  North East. We know how removed they sometimes feel from books. We wanted to know what really mattered to children, so we invited groups of young people to come and join us during the October mid-term break to tell us what they wanted.

Our Design

Suggestions for the Story Hub

The hub is designed in portable modules that can be used on any floor of the building. The modules sit within the main frame of the Story Hub and are neatly stored away. Each module has a specific purpose, practical, functional and creative. The meter square modules make up a wall around the Hub creating a flexible usable space for groups to design for their own needs. The Story Hub is designed to create a multi functional, reading and reflection, performance and recording, 1-1 support space and small group work space. The centre of the Hub is also home to a smart board/cinema, perfect for training or watching films together.  

The children wanted:

  1. LED lights through the entire hub

  2. Special spot lights to make reading easy

  3. Headphones to listen to audio books

  4. Microphones so people can record themselves telling stories

  5. Shelves that are easy to reach stocking books

  6. Practice space for other projects

  7. Smart board for training and consultation

The Story Hub opens out with sliding panels so the it transforms our ground floor hall into an instant performance space equipped with sound effect equipment for storytelling events and facebook live streams.  One young consultant asked us to: ‘make the outside come inside’ but using special effects with lights and sound.

Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 08.11.07.png